Day by day, it’s becoming harder for companies to be proactive and anticipate demand, not to mention their need to be prepared with the flexibility and capacity to keep up with business needs. That’s where a business IT infrastructure modernization comes in.

Business IT modernization is the process of managing or moving away from aging software and hardware solutions and consolidating systems and workflows in favor of more automated, innovative solutions to increase your business agility, protect critical information, and deliver new applications more efficiently than ever. Modernizing your business IT means embracing cloud and data center approaches, where much of the hardware and software is hosted by a third party while your business consumes as much as needed.

The modern company must develop new processes to handle omni-channel approaches and gain the agility to reduce time to market. Too many businesses are held hostage by their homegrown and legacy solutions and cannot efficiently onboard new partners and new sources of revenue. This limits their ability to scale and grow. But not anymore! Now you can protect and grow your business with the right mix of technology, experience, and knowledge.

The combination of PRC’s experience and knowledge together with HPE’s hybrid IT strategy offers you stable, predictable, and reliable platforms that meet the IT needs of your company. PRC and HPE deliver solutions using industry best-of-breed products and software that solve mobility, cloud, big data, and security challenges across any industry and increase your business agility, protect critical information, and deliver new applications more efficiently than ever. Our solutions include:

HPE Hybrid Cloud and Data Storage

HPE’s Intelligent Data Storage Platform is set to deliver AI-driven, game-changing results. With HPE’s Hybrid Cloud, you can automate infrastructure and data management, tame hybrid complexity, and unlock hidden insights.

HPE ProLiant Servers

If your company is striving to operate at great speed and scale, HPE ProLiant is the intelligent choice to create a hybrid cloud strategy that can meet your business changing and expanding IT needs. But how? ProLiant Servers are the intelligent compute foundation for hybrid cloud that delivers unmatched workload optimization, security, and automation. The AI future is here, it’s time to be a part of it!


Make your business smarter! Improve your business performance and services and your visitors/employees’ experience by modernizing your wireless network infrastructure. Get a Wi-fi network infrastructure that provides a world-class connected experience with quick access to your business applications and devices. Ensure your business continuity with a secure connectivity solution.

It’s time to modernize your business IT infrastructure. Learn more about HPE here: