Women have made significant strides in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) field, which was previously dominated by men. Through their hard work, women have become more active in STEM, proving that they can thrive in IT.

Kimberly Bryant is an electrical engineer and the founder and CEO of Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization that introduces girls to introducing girls to computer science and the technology industry in a fun and interactive way aiming to increase the number of women of color in technology long-term, established in 2011.

Reshma Saujani is an American lawyer, and the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, a non-profit organization created in 2012 that works to close the gender gap in technology by teaching girls to code. Saujani is involved with politics, nonprofits, and writing.

Elizabeth Churchill is the Director of User Experience at Google, where she leads a team of user experience researchers and designers. Before joining Google, she worked at several other technology companies including Yahoo, Adobe Systems, and eBay. She is also a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery and a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

In Puerto Rico, there is also a large STEM community and a rising number of women in leadership positions in the Technology industry.

Sofia Stolberg is a Puerto Rican entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Piloto 151, a co-working space and startup accelerator based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is also a co-founder of Codetrotters, a software development school that offers coding boot camps and other training programs. Stolberg frequently speaks and provides commentary on entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology topics. She has received multiple awards and honors for her efforts, including being featured on Forbes’ list of 30 individuals under the age of 30 who have excelled in social entrepreneurship.

Lucy A Crespo is a Puerto Rican engineer and business executive who currently serves as the CEO of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust. She is known for her work in promoting science, technology, and innovation in Puerto Rico, particularly in the fields of renewable energy and biotechnology. Crespo has been recognized for her leadership and contributions to the field of science and technology in Puerto Rico, including being named one of the 100 most influential Hispanics in the United States by Hispanic Business magazine. She is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council and has been featured as a speaker and panelist at several industry events and conferences.

Even though there are so many paths available for men, women still must work around obstacles to achieve greatness and turn their dreams into reality. Gender equality will continue to improve society. PRC Services recognizes the hard work and resilience of every woman. PR Computer’s team is filled with experts in the field, who have become a core part of our company. We will continue to encourage women of all ages to reach their fullest potential by providing equal opportunities and supporting their goals and rights.