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Proteja su empresa de un ataque de “ransomware”

Los ciberataques son cada vez más sofisticados y frecuentes; por eso, contar con una estrategia para proteger los datos de su empresa es imprescindible. Sin actualizaciones continuas de seguridad, su ambiente de informática se encuentra vulnerable a ser atacado por un...
Descubra ODOO, la herramienta que revolucionará su negocio

Descubra ODOO, la herramienta que revolucionará su negocio

¿Sabía que, en promedio, una empresa puede utilizar hasta 10 aplicaciones diferentes para administrar su negocio? Esto puede atrasar los procesos y aumentar los costos. Por esto, es importante obtener un sistema ERP para su empresa, como ODOO. Un sistema de...
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10 IT Problems Businesses face and their Solutions

Owning a business is great, there’s no doubt about it. However, the excitement of owning a business may come with many challenges, such as IT problems. To fix a problem, first you need to understand it. Here are 10 common IT problems that businesses face, and the...

Vulnerabilidad crítica en los servidores con sistema operativo Microsoft Windows que utilizan el servicio DNS

El 14 de julio de 2020, Microsoft liberó una actualización para corregir una falla de seguridad crítica que compromete el servicio de “Domain Name Service” (DNS). Esta falla de seguridad es tan crítica que el US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ha emitido...

How a Local Datacenter Can Provide Data Protection During a Hurricane

Data is the most valuable asset of your company. Its loss can result in irreversible damage to your business, including losing all your clients and customers. Before a hurricane or any other type of disaster happens, your medium or large company needs an advanced and...

Nuevo Horario de Servicio

Estimado/a: Con intención de velar la seguridad de todos, y para continuar ofreciendo el mejor servicio que nos destaca, – empleados, clientes, socios y sus seres queridos – desde el lunes, 11 de mayo de 2020, se implementará un nuevo horario de servicio.   PRC...

COVID-19: Preparación y respuesta de PRC

A todos nuestros valiosos clientes,   A medida que vivimos y seguimos adelante a través de estos tiempos sin precedentes y cautelosos, la salud y la seguridad de la comunidad de PR Computers – clientes, personal y socios – es primordial. Estamos siguiendo de...

Check point announces new double extortion ransomware attacks

Due to Covid-19, a new kind of “double” ransomware attack has appeared, in which cybercriminals seek to make sure their victims pay up, by infiltrating a victim’s data from the hospitals or other organizations before making threats about “leaking it” unless ransom...

Cloud: An essential tool for businesses during the Covid-19

During these difficult times, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen ourselves obligated not only to stay in quarantine, but also forced to reinvent our strategies as companies. We need to become innovative and dive into the biggest moment of digital...

How Developers will work in 2020

With every new year, we welcome new approaches in the world of software developers. We already know that anything regarding technology, software development, and codes is complex but continuously evolving, fortunately for our benefit. Therefore, here are some of the...

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